The Wild Wonders

By Sam Jolman | January 31, 2008

Golden Retriever oblivious to the world of men
Cocks his head trying to understand,
How we have no fun as often as we can,
And with a tail wag he darts off again,
To find another stick and leave our world to mend
And so the wild wonders and awaits the man.

It was Saturday. I caught a glimpse of a neighbors dog playing whole heartedly with a stick, while I sat inside being productive. Yes, on a Saturday. I felt so ashamed of myself when I saw this. A feeling like I had let myself go. Not gaining weight, but letting some part of me atrophe, my masculine play.

I don’t believe in the rugged male trumps soft male dichotomy in the world of men. I believe instead that being a rugged, adventurous male should make me more of a soft male… and vice versa. Moutain biking will help me weep with a friend. Snowboarding can draw out the risk I need to be close to my wife and talk late into the night. True wildness is soft and rugged… weird as that sounds.

And through my neighbors dog, God reminded me that the offer still stands to be a truly wild man.


  • Sam, just stumbled in. Didn’t know you were blogging. These are good words, nourishing. Write more.


  • Thanks Blase… You pony tailed writing freak. It means a lot to have a gifted writer think I should keep writing.


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