My Approach to Counseling

We are going to help you find your heart again.

Your heart is the real you. Its the place you dream and desire, love and hurt. I want to help you heal and live from your deepest, truest heart.

A set of steps or behavior modifications alone can’t change a person. Self help advice doesn’t do it either. If we don’t engage your heart, you won’t change. But if we do, you can transform your experience of life and your view of yourself. I believe we are all deeply shaped by the desires we have, the relationships we hold, and the experiences we endure, whether good or bad or both.

In clinical terms

I am a narrative trauma therapist.

What this means for you is that I will listen to your story, helping you discover where you lost heart in life through the pain of damaging events and harm of close people. And how you learned to cope with your suffering.

 You must also know that I relish in the good of attachment, neuroscience, and trauma research while holding a deep love for Jesus and a Christian way of seeing life.

Individual Counseling

Marriage Counseling