Sam Jolman

Hello. My name is Sam Jolman.

I am a therapist and writer who helps people get life back.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor I specialize in men’s issues, marriage counseling, and sexual abuse recovery. Though in my 20 years of experience, I’ve walked with many people through a broad range of very important personal and relational struggles.

I received my Master of Arts in Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. I am further trained in Narrative Focused Trauma Care through The Allender Center at the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. Along with my experience in private practice, I cut my teeth as a therapist by leading men’s wilderness trips for Mars Hill Bible Church.

I tell my wife, Amanda, all the time I love what I do.  My passion for this work also comes out of my own personal journey as a man, husband, and father.  I’ve spent enough time on the other side of the couch to know that bad counseling can discourage, even damage, people but good counseling can change your life. It did mine. I can also thank my wife of 18 years for the opportunity to smoke what I sell. When I’m not counseling, I’m either writing, Crossfitting, mountain biking, or playing with my three sons.

"Sam has been a friend of mine for several years. I encouraged him to take up a private practice, and I would send my friends and my sons to him."

John Eldredge
John Eldredge
Author of Wild at Heart

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