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Stop Working On Your Marriage

Recently, my wife and I started reading a marriage book together. After we finished the first chapter, my wife polled me for my reaction. I sat speechless for a bit and struggled to answer. Why? Because I was bugged! Irritated!…

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300 Movie Review: Initiation by Violence?

How does a boy become a man? Does puberty usher him in? What about a first kiss or that first time behind the wheel? If you’re at all familiar with the masculine journey, you’ll know that a much deeper, more…

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The Dwellings of Authentic Men

No hook or rack can e’er be foundIn the dwellings of authentic menOn which to hang the coats and cloaksOf title, fame, and position But once inside you’ll here men chide“Drop coat and stay awhile.No need to cover and encumber…

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Book Review: Out of the Shadows

Shame, according to C.S. Lewis, is like a warm liquid too hot to touch, but not to drink. “If you will accept it – if you will drink the cup to the bottom – you will find it very nourishing:…

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Tall Oak Counseling Center

Come later this summer, I will be joining Tall Oak Counseling Center. I am very excited about this new venture! The counselors at Tall Oak are exceptional and they strive to do counseling in community, treating the whole family system…

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