Tall Oak Counseling Center

By Sam Jolman | June 11, 2007

Come later this summer, I will be joining Tall Oak Counseling Center.

I am very excited about this new venture! The counselors at Tall Oak are exceptional and they strive to do counseling in community, treating the whole family system and not one person. They also walk with God very closely as they guide people in the whole counseling/healing process. This way of doing counseling so much resonates with my heart. Being a lone range counselor has never been my dream. So I am very grateful to God that He opened up this opportunity for me to join these kindred hearts.

And, as you know from my website, trees are close to my heart. My love for trees was born out of my boyhood adventures climbing high up in their branches. God uses that image still, of being nestled in big wooden ‘limbs’, to remind me what it feels like to trust the strong arms of a Father.

Tall Oak is located behind Woodmen Valley Chapel, a short drive from I-25 on Woodmen. All current clients will be able to make the move with me. I’ll let you know well in advance when the move will take place. My website will continue to be used for my practice even after the move, too. So stay tuned!

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