Individual Counseling

Wherever you go, there you are. Well, yeah, that’s obvious enough.

Yet, when it comes to the struggles of life, its much harder to admit. Your problems will not go away just by changing jobs, moving away, getting in a new relationship, or rearranging your external circumstances. Even time alone will not heal your heart, make your past or present go away. You need a place to talk through your problems, tell your story, discover the deeper reasons for those struggles. And you need someone you can trust to help you make sense of it. You need a place to heal.


Get Life Back

Do not wait until your problems become a crisis.  I want to help you get beyond coping with life, get to the heart of your problems, and get you back to living and enjoying life.

A Place For Men

Men seem to have fewer places to talk honestly about their struggles. Maybe its because almost all the problems in a man’s life feel to him like a sure sign he’s a failure. Its why men rarely share with each other about what matters most in their lives. No wonder its usually a crisis that leads a man to finally reach out for help. I want to provide a place for men to get things off their chest and be honest about their struggles without the fear of rejection or the feeling of embarrassment. And I want to help them restore their sense of strength and self respect.

Sexual Recovery

Few struggles bring more shame and embarrassment than sexual struggles. I have immense compassion for those who have been victims of sexual abuse and those who struggle with feeling sexually broken or dirty. I am not a sex therapist that deals with sexual functioning or technique. But I do walk with people who have been violated sexually and/or struggle in their sexual desires, experience, and expression.

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