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March 9, 2008

Drink Your Masculinity

If you want to sell something forget the scantily clad blond bombshell draped over the car hood. Go right to the father hunger in every man. Show pictures of fathers doing things that seem masculine.…
February 28, 2008

Male Friendship

"This particular inexperience often left me puzzled over the habits of my sons and their friends, particularly their methods for satisfying a need for physical contact.  Why, when more than two boys were together in…
January 31, 2008

The Wild Wonders

Golden Retriever oblivious to the world of menCocks his head trying to understand,How we have no fun as often as we can,And with a tail wag he darts off again,To find another stick and leave…
June 11, 2007

Tall Oak Counseling Center

Come later this summer, I will be joining Tall Oak Counseling Center. I am very excited about this new venture! The counselors at Tall Oak are exceptional and they strive to do counseling in community,…